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Enelysion was my first serious jRPG that I developed way back in late 2010. It is a 12-15 hour long romp that took me a good 4 years to complete ( October 2010 - November 2014 ). 

You will follow the tale of the mercenary Laine, and her frail companion Patrick, as they journey across the continent of Tairngire to uncover one truth after another. Enter a rich, atmospheric world that takes heavy inspiration from Celtic mythology, build up your party through various customization options, take on secret quests to unlock the best weapons and equipment, and most of all, have fun!

It is completely free to play. You don't owe me a single dime.

Install instructions

Create a new folder and extract as usual. You will need to install the fonts if you don't have them yet.


Enelysion Redux 249 MB


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What was this made in?

RPGMaker VX. =)

If it was made in VX Ace, I could port it over to MV for you.

Nah, VX is the earlier version of VXAce. So porting is unlikely, I'm afraid. ><

Damn xD Any chance of remaking it in VX Ace? Then port it to MV?

Probably not. xD I'm working on a new game atm (also being made in VX). Though the game is still early in development, so I dunno. Maybe I'll end up porting it to VXAce.